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 I guess what they meant is “if you’re causing havoc, please come in here and be questioned by police”.

There’s a whole book been published with this kind of “chinglish”. The author concludes that, even if it’s not perfect English, it’s still part and parcel of the culture that this kind of thing is seen in Beijing.

It’s so far from the “normal” English way of expressing yourself, it’s incredible. Anyone seen similar things in France ?



  1. Do they do cars as well?

  2. Hi

    There are loads of “funny” translations that are totally meaningless in China especially in restaurants where everything is translated into English (otherwise you wouldn’t know what ‘s on your plate..) but even then …translations are no help at all..thank God there are pictures!

    Am just trying to read the signs in Chinese…
    shang can ping ding ban. You have to read this from right to left
    “Ban” is office, “pingding” is ‘judge, decide, determine’ -“shang can” is (not sure) mutilated/crippled and….well an office that determines whether people have physical disabilities..???

  3. well… Fred, if you ever do figure out the English equivalent, do let me know!

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