Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | October 9, 2009

Obama’s Nobel Prize: Upcoming Polemic?

barack-obama-4 It’s 11AM and I’m on my way to work. The news is on, what else… I hate radio music, so France Info is my preferred choice while driving. The news come. I’m floored! Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the USA is awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace!

But wait… he hasn’t done anything, yet. The news will have direct impact on world politics. This prize is said to be “symbolic” and a gesture to “consecrate” his efforts at promoting diplomatic solutions to political problems around the world, mostly in the Middle East.

This isn’t about English or English teaching. But it is about English culture. The stature of the persona that is Obama is directly linked with the shift in how the USA behaves both at home and abroad. Everyone will have an opinion, whether you’re interested in politics or not. Whether, like most French people, you hate America, just on principle, without ever having set foot in the country.

Can you feel it coming? Can you already hear the debates from both the knowledgeable and the ignorant?

Yes we can!

And it’s a lot more than just white noise



  1. well, maybe I’m just ignorant, but I think speaking takes courage, and maybe he has just spoken (and helped in diplomatic efforts) but I think for what he’s done, he’s well worth the nobel peace prize.

    Plus, I DO hope for the future.


  2. I must be ignorant as well, cause I’m happy he got it. Better him than Sarko(n)…


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