Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | October 28, 2009

Find something, find something out, figure something out…

One of my students recently wanted to know the difference. and I guess examples is the best way of explaining.

(Found is the past of find)

I found my keys.
I found my driving license.
I found my passport.
I found a place for dinner.
I found help.

I found out what the word “landscape” meant in the dictionary.
I found out where I could go for a good curry in Lyon.
I found out why she split up with her boyfriend.

I figured out how to solve the rubic’s cube.
I figured out how to use the phone.
I figured out how to get from Bellecour to La Mulatière using google maps.
I figured out what was wrong with me.
I figured out the best way to learn English!



  1. Very interesting…
    First, because those of our readers who still haven’t FIGURED OUT what all this mean, they can simply contact us for English lessons and also because you’re going to give us the address of the restaurant so we can all have a good curry next time!!!


  2. I second the curry motion.

    Adopted unanimously.


  3. I think there’s a good one in the Vieux Lyon…

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