Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | November 13, 2009


Gripe of the day. I hate tailgating. and I get it virtually everyday.
Overtaking in the outside lane has become a nightmare because as soon as you try and do it, some idiot flashes his lights at you from behind to tell you to get out of the way.
It doesn’t happen in England very much, but it certainly does here in Lyon.

(and frankly, it’s dangerous.)

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  1. Don’t get me started about driving in this country! I almost got killed this week because some moron refused to let me change lane.

    I should have known better than to signal…

  2. Driving in France can indeed be… tricky sometimes.
    The problem is that, contrary to England for example, the French have a very selfish way of driving and they tend to consider the road is theirs.

    On the one had, you’ll see some people who will tailgate you flashing their lights at you as you were being extremely dangerous. On the other hand, you will get those who think the motorway is only the middle lane and who can actually be just as dangerous.

    But note one thing : driving in France can be very different from one region to another.

  3. Generally, though, those tailgaters are also breaking the speed limit so it’s them who are being dangerous.

    and secondly, in France you’re taught to drive to indicate and carry on indicating so you get people who think they can speed up the outside lane, indicating all the time who think all in front of them should get out of their way.

    It’s extremely annoying, and I’m glad I’m able to vent my anger on this blog. French drivers, change your ways!


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