Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | March 23, 2011


A mismatch

In rugby, a mismatch is when a back is against a forward or a forward against a back. The back runs round the forward because he is quicker, the forward runs over the back because he is stronger and bigger.

My mother was here last week; her French is not very good but the mismatch was clear, my wife’s mum’s English is no good at all so in this situation, my mum ended up speaking French, and improving quite a lot in just one week. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

The moral of the story: look for the mismatch. If you want to improve your English, try and find someone who speaks much worse French than you speak English and you’ll naturally end up speaking English with them.

In my experience too, I’ve improved my French in France where not everyone speaks English.

Perhaps it’s an obvious comment, but perhaps one worth taking into account when you’re thinking about improving your language skills.


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