Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | November 8, 2011

The socialists want to teach Arabic in primary school

One of my students told me this morning that the socialists wanted to teach Arabic as a second language / the second langauge in primary schools in France if they get elected. He also told me that Arabic people have several wives and beat them.

I have a link here, I have to apologize, it’s not the best, some of it is on rather a low level:

My point:

What better way to attack the root cause of racism in France than by learning the language ? There is no more racism in France than in other countries but it does subsist like everywhere and learning a language is a very good way of combatting this. That’s my point: the reason for learning languages is, or at least one reason is to open your mind. Not all Arabic people beat their wives and not all are married to several women. And even if they were (married to several women?), would that really be a problem ?

I am sick and tired of this anti-arabic feeling in France and I have even thought about setting up an “association” to teach languages, including Arabic to go to the root cause of the problem.

Pot calling the kettle black and picking the speck out of your neighbour’s eye comes to mind.

Learning a language well enables some people to think in a different way, to re-consider their own mentality. Would it be better for them, perhaps to learn English, considered by some as a money-orientated, money-worshipping culture ? Perhaps that would be better than a mostly devout, religious people ?

Yes, yes, France is so wonderful, there is nothing wrong with France. If you live in France you must adapt to republican values or begone with you. Multiculturalism is alive and well. Plurilinguism (is that a word?) too 🙂


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