Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | December 5, 2011

Lesson procedure: contradicting people

You can also use:

Here’s a lesson procedure that I sometimes use with beginner/elementary groups. It could be used with pre-intermediates too as revision.

The idea is to re-produce the kind of argument you would get in an English playground with school children.

A: I told the teacher!
B: No, you didn’t
A: Yes, I did!
B: No, you didn’t

You get the picture.

Juggling with auxiliaries is a key skill English people use without thinking but French people need training on it. You can make up your own sentences to go with present, past, future, modal verbs or other auxiliaries.

It also helps you juggle with pronouns at the same time.
Here are 10 example sentences you could use:

1. I like milk in my coffee
2. My brother is rich
3. My printer is broken
4. Yesterday, I went to Paris
5. I speak Chinese
6. My parents are in America
7. I’m a rugby fan
8. David Cameron is the Prime Minister of England
9. I play golf
10. My dad goes to the pub every Friday

Try to drag it out a bit by contradicting several times.

Have fun!



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