Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | June 12, 2012

Where culture meets psychology

First up, I must say: I’m no psychologist.

Second up, I have to say: some of the posts on this blog are as much for the benefit of myself, as the readers of the blog.

I wanted to write today about how morality is a difficult thing. Let’s say, you have a dilemna, should I eat meat or not ? Some reasoning could go like this: prehistoric people didn’t really have any choice about whether to eat meat, perhaps didn’t really think about it (or maybe they did), but nowadays, we really have no need to meat, right ? Furthermore, it’s becoming a more and more common choice in modern culture.

But here’s the catch: your parents ate meat, didn’t they, everyone around you is eating meat. Does that mean you should eat meat ? No. Does that mean it makes it a difficult thing to do to stop eating meat, yes.



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