Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | September 17, 2012

Don’t analyse, don’t go that way, that will paralyze your evolution, yeah!

Don’t analyse, don’t analyse, don’t go that way, don’t go that way, that will paralyse your evolution, yeah!

So true, when it comes to learning languages.

Only too often do people ask me why, why, why. As an English teacher, I’m obliged to give them as full an answer as possible but when push comes to shove, perhaps the best way would just be to accept that the English language is like it is and absorb the language.

Analysing will paralyse your language evolution! How many times have people been caught up on, omg, please explain to me the present perfect, again! For a fifth time. Or omg, please explain the difference between never, ever, and already again. Caught up on one small aspect of the language, they fail to focus on the bigger picture and learning expressions and vocabulary, failing to realize that the present perfect and the nevers, evers and alreadys will fit in later.

Paralysis in language learning – something to avoid!


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