Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | October 18, 2012

Learning a language is an investment

You might find, when you first start learning a new language and listening regularly that at first you’re not understanding much. Don’t worry – it’s an investment. In fact, you might not understand much for the first 3 years (maybe you won’t need so much time if you already have a prior knowledge of the language and this also depends on how similar the language is to your language or the languages you already know). 

However, after that time once you start understanding properly, the investment will start to pay off. It will be worth it, after acid-testing your progress in a real situation a few times, you will start to feel the rewards. The thing is, if you’re in the situation a lot of people are in, I mean, having learnt English at school for years and not really got far in terms of speaking, its worth trying something different. I mean, you must be doing something wrong. 

Try learning the set phrases that are important for conversation for example: He said, he told me… Don’t learn to conjugate the verb in all it’s forms, just learn to conjugate the verb in the most useful forms that you hear everyday and that you’ll need when it comes to speaking. The rest of the grammar will fall into place later. 




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