Posted by: lyonenglishnetwork | November 9, 2012

New technologies can no longer be ignored…

English teaching in Lyon is getting tough. Prices are going down, budgets are being cut, and new technologies are being used more and more to replace traditional teaching techniques. Here are just a few of the new technology options out there that are available for free:

I logged on to this website last night and, at the click of a button, was able to link up with Javier in Spain for free. Half an hour of speaking my native language against some time for his Spanish, and, using a roulette system you can find other partners too.

This is not free, but it is a good way of learning a foreign language.

I think this one is free.

In Lyon, on a Wednesday and a Friday night you can go downtown, get yourself a drink and hook up with native speakers and non-native speakers at different tables wtih different people speaking different languages.

On the internet, you can download authentic English conversation on various websites (particularly elllo) and listen to English radio on the bbc and other radio stations depending on what you want (American, Australian, South African, Indian…)

New technologies can no longer be ignored.

So what am I doing here ? What can I teach you to do ? 

I can teach you how to assimilate language. I can teach you how English people use phrasal verbs, modal verbs, imperatives, linking words (like ‘even though’) – in short, how to converse in English. I can teach you strategies to use at varying level of langauge skills. I can teach you techniques on how to assimilate and use langauge better. The most part of the vocabulary work you can do on your own, but, you can, it just takes time. I can give you guidance on what is important in learning a language, I can direct you on what to do and give you assignments to better assimilate the English language (I’m sorry, I’m only qualified to do English, I can’t do Japanese or Chinese)!

The silent method has been advocated since it was first put forward. It’s a method that you could use, especially with all this technology. Don’t put pressure on yourself to speak too soon, the time will come, and when it does come, you’ll be ready 

So, what do you say, if you need lessons/coaching: drop me a line:




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